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The Mirage of the Natural Hoof by Dr. Miller

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The Mirage of the Natural Foot, Michael E.Miller, MD, CJF, FWCF. The debate never stops,but Dr. Miller offers some empirical data on thesujects of Four Point Trimming, Natural BalanceHoofcare, and conventional horseshoeing.The book reviews the history of hoof trimmingtechniques and the cyclic interest in keepinghorses without shoes - barefoot trimming.Doc includes controlled, comparison studies ofconventional versus "natural" trimming methodsknown to date. The results should cause you toquestion the validity of some of these "new"theories, and the appropriateness of treatingall horses by one method. You're sure to formyour own opinion by the time you finish thisequine book. 60 pages, Highly Illustrated.