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Corrective Farriery Volume 1 Book by Simon Curtis

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"Corrective Farriery" is a multi-author book written for farriers, veterinary surgeons, and interested horse owners. The authors are eminent farriers, veterinary surgeons, and related professionals from around the world. The book describes the combining of traditional farriery skills with veterinary knowledge and advanced techniques or repair and shoeing. Over 300 pages and more than 400 color illustrations take the reader through the diseases, conditions, and conformational faults that affect the horse. The development of the leg and hoof is traced from an embryo to the mature horse. There are large chapters on laminitis and chronic foot lameness. Topics include: anatomy, imaging the foot and leg, foot balance, development of the foot and leg, making hospital plate shoes, shoeing for conditions of the hind limb, injuries to the hoof capsule, and laminitis.