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Silverback Chaps Small *PINK ONLY* Approx 28" - 32" Waist

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Handmade in the UK. Designed by a Farrier, Body-builder witha design to protect the lower back. The Silverback Chaps farrieraprons have a patented abdominal sling, dorsal support and abi-lateral fastening system offering superb support for the farrierslower back. These chaps - farrier aprons have been received welland many express the great comfort, fit, and absence of pressureon the lower back often present with traditional fitting chaps, orfarrier aprons. Silverback Chaps feel like custom fitted chaps!Available in XS, S, M, L, XL. Please note the large strap thatsits at the upper hips. Aproximately 28" - 32" Waist.