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Blacksmith Dual Valve Forge Forgemaster Forges

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  • SKU 20-009

The forgemaster blacksmith DUAL VALVES forge is popular among farriers too. For shop or mobile use forging, this forge is a top seller at Anvil Brand. We perform forgeing here and we recommend this forge for any forger. Forgemaster forges are constructed of thick 12 gauge (.109) hot rolled premium steel to withstand excessive heat while forging. The blacksmith forges have Heavy-duty welded two piece clamshell construction along with a full 3" heat chamber opening for ease of access while forgeing. The needle valve fuel adjustment insures precise distribution of fuel flow within the forging chamber and the unique Forgemaster slanted base for top mounted door units allows easy and convenient access to heat chamber. Forgermaster Blacksmith forges have a tough and durable powder coated black and silver "hammered metal" finish and comes with a 9' long fuel hose (12" longer than many other forges). Fully assembled, and ready to use, the forge comes with a UL listed regulator and pressure gauge and convenien