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Mighty Forge 2-Burner Trailer Model Forge

  • Price $950.00 EACH
  • SKU 20-031

- Individually controlled burners with adjustable air control for a perfect flame
- Minimum 12 gauge steel construction
- 2,600 degree rated high density fiber board with refelctive technology
- Proprietary insulating bottom brick with grooves for easy pickup
- Operating pressure between 2-15 psi
- Capable of forge welding in minutes with less oxidation than competitive units
- 10' hose standard
- Easy to replace liners with removable top
- Same great features as the Mighty Forge 2-burner with the following improvements: steel pins that hold the walls and ceiling together, reinforced wire mesh brick, and bottom brick removable retention bracket
- Inside firebox dimensions are 11.5" W x 7.5" D x 3.5" H
- Main body is made with premium 12 gauge hot rolled steel
- 60 lbs.