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Glu-Shu Glue-On #00 Hind Shoe

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  • SKU 56-040-00H

Glushu is a flexible cuff bonded to a specially
designed aluminium horse shoe. This gives the
horse a light, hoof supporting, cushioned shoe
which eliminates any stress or damage to the
horse’s hoof and is easy to apply. GLUSHUS are
non invasive, completely eliminating the risk of
hoof injury due to nailing. Easy and fast to apply.
Available in pairs or kit. Uses a fast acting glue.
We strongly advise you to use Glue Shufit glue
which is specifically designed to be used with
GluShu. The cuff allows the shoe to be glued
in stages. No need for any special equipment.
Simple sizing system & large range of sizes. No
alteration needed. Eliminates the risk of stress
when nailing into a thin white line or poor hoof
wall. Cushions the feet. The cuff can be used to
hold topical medication in place. Prevents further
damage to hoof wall.