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Horseshoe Nails SE 5 Slim 250c Anvil Brand

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American Made Horseshoe Nails. Horse Nails.Anvil Brand SE 5 Slim Horseshoe nail. 250 ct box.Formerly the Save Edge Horseshoe Nail. Theseare the new Anvil Brand SE 5 Slim Horse nails.This is the only horseshoe nail Made in the USA.The manufacturing process is exactly like it wasin Ohio, now it's along Route 66 in Lexington,Illinois, at Anvil Brand. The Patented nail and itsprocess, have perfected the rounded shank nail.Just under 2", (<50mm long), and with a headwidth just under 3/8' x 3/16", it is the perfectlyproportioned horseshoe nail. Rolled formed and thenpressed, each nail is uniform, and then tumbled todeburr. At Anvil Brand keeping manufacturing inthe USA, USA ownership. 250ct box, 8 in a case.