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Supreme Support 3lb Greenish/Gray & White

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Supreme support impression material is a soft, yet firm supportproduct to the sole area of the horses hoof. It is flexible, witha tear strenght of 85 psi, and is non-toxic. Supreme supportprovides arch and frog support when used with a barshoe, orz-bar horseshoes. Hoof remedy for contracted heels, laminitis,pedal osteitis, navicular syndrome, sensitive soles, frog support,plus other uses. Recommendation: trim and prepare the horseshoof in a normal fashion. Mix equal amouts of each material ,and mix by hand until an even color is reached. At this point,cure time is about 3-4 minutes at 70 degrees. Shape yourhorseshoe, mix Supreme Support and prepare to apply.Supreme support works best and provides maximumhoof support and protection when used with Anvil BrandAluminum barshoes, RGM Barshoes, or Grand Circuit stabilizer orProtector Plates. All bar shoes are enhanced by its soft support.