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Vettec Adhere Black 210cc Sets in 30 seconds - #47150

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Vettec, Equithane, Adhere Black 210cc, requires the use of a Vettec XL dispensing gun because it is a two part epoxy adhesive material. Adhere is a fast setting urethane adhesive designed to bond aluminum or steel shoes to the hoof, and fabricate hoof wall repairs. Vettec Adhere Hoof Repair and Glue-on horseshoe material in Black. This two part hoof material is designed to glue on horseshoes made of steel, aluminum and most synthetics. It sets in about 1 minute, allowing time to glue the horseshoe. It remains flexible, yet sets up like a natural hoofwall for easy nailing and finishing. Vettec hoof repair, quarter crack, glue on horsehoe material. Vettec is our most popular line. Anvil Brand uses this product in our Sporthorse Aluminum Glue on horseshoes kit. Vettec #47150