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Lucky Horseshoe Anvil Brand Original

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Lucky Horseshoe. Good Luck Horseshoe.This Lucky Horseshoe is Made in the USA alongOld Route 66, by Anvil Brand. It's a steelhorseshoe, rubbed on the Mother Roadfor good fortune to follow you whereveryou go. Simply Nail it up over your door.Legend has it, if you nail it up, the good Luckstays with you. Some Western Folklore speaksof hanging it upside down to let the luck pourinto your home. Either way, this is "THE"Lucky Horseshoe. Get it for Weddings,Dedications, the Office, your Home or anyHousewarming, Birthdays, Graduations, orAnniversary- it is sure to be a favorite andvery unique gift. It's about the size of a pie plate:7 1/4" Wide x 7" Tall, and 3/8' thick steel.The Lucky Horseshoe is made with thethe same process we make the BudweiserClydesdale Horseshoes. Anvil Brand Original.From America's Greatest horseshoe maker.