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JHM Journeyman #3 Two Clip Horn 125 Lb. Anvil

  • Price $990.00 EACH
  • SKU 24-012

JHM Anvils: The highest quality anvils in the world. Every step in our process is performed by ISO Certified companies whose processes and methods are internally audited and annually audited for quality control. All steps in the process are certain to meet the required specifications. Made from ductile iron and microscopically tested to meet specs with EVERY pour! This Journeyman Anvil #3 is 125 lbs. The face is 17" x 4" with a .500" pritchel hole, and a 1" Hardie Hole. The Base is 11" x 9", the anvil is 11" high with an 11" long Horn. It has two clip horns on either side of the horn, and our regular tapered heel with cams.