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AB 120 Lb. Legend Round Horn Anvil

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JHM 120 lb Legend Anvil by Anvil Brand. We are the only firm using all ISO certified partners in our process. From the pour, to the machining operations, to the heat treat. No other anvil adheres to the amount of quality controls as the JHM Anvil - period. This anvil is made of ductile iron and has an actual weight of 112-115 lbs. The JHM round horn anvil is a great blacksmith anvil or farrier anvil. The anvil is very stought with a large throat going to the base. It is our most popular anvil in the USA, resembling the old Hay Budden anvil. This has a traditional round horn design and is used in competition forging because of its stocky size and weight. Made of ductile iron, machined, and heat treated in the USA. This is the highest quality anvil you can buy, with a 100% guarantee! Shipped around the world because of its quality, JHM anvils last a lifetime! Size: Height = 10" Overall Length = 23.5" Base = 8.75" x 10" Face = 3-7/8" x 13.75" Round horn = .500" Hardie Hole = 1"