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Healthy Hooves Book by Equus Magazine, 96 pg.

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EQUUS Guide to Understanding Your Horse's Feet and Keeping Them Sound.Offering the combined wisdom of leading experts presented in Equusmagazine over the years. This book tells you what you need to know aboutnormal as well as troubled equine hooves. Healthy Hoves cover the basicsof hoof structure, growth and health as well as the principles ofbiomechanics and balance. You'll learn how to recognize specific hoofproblems, including bruises, abscesses, cracks and wounds, and howto address these issues. This quide not only addresses equine hoofcareproblems, but also offers simple and effective techniques formaintaining the health and condition of horse's hooves. 95 pagesA great equine book dedicated primarily to hoof care and hoof relatedissues.