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AB Short Leather Farrier Apron 2 Knife Pockets/Magnet

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Aprons, Chaps, Chinks, Farrier Apron, Blacksmith Apron.High Quality, heavy leather farrier aprons by Anvil Brand have 2 knife pockets, 2 nail pockets or can hold a small magnet. Sporting a large 2" wide belt withVelcro release for safety and ease of dress. This farrier apron also doubles asblacksmith aprons because we have doubled the leather from the upper thigh,through the knee for wear and safety. Nicely fitted, not too bulky farrierchaps, big enough for the "healthy man". The short farrier apron by AnvilBrand is 26" and typically rides from the waist to below the knee(See thephoto of the 6' tall model). See these chaps, and more farriers aprons andand farrier supplies and veterinary supplies on the rest of the site.These are the best priced chaps, farrier aprons on the market.