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AB 1000 Denier Blue Chaps 29" Long Farrier Apron

  • Price $89.95 EACH
  • Reg Price $94.45
  • SKU 16-070-BU

Aprons, Chaps, Chinks, Farrier Apron, Blacksmith Apron.These heavy denier farrier aprons by Anvil Brand have 3 knife pockets,and 1 magnetic nail tab. Sporting a large 2" wide belt with 8" lumbar pad andquick snaps for safety and ease of dress. This farrier apron also doubles asblacksmith aprons because we have broad leather across the denier at thethigh height running down below the knee. These are Professional farrierchaps, big enough for the "healthy man". It can accommodate a 36"waist and over. These are our most popular professional chapsand priced much better than similar imported aprons.