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NC Whisper Momma Rear Door NC Tool Forge w/ Rear Door

  • Price $573.95 EACH
  • Reg Price $602.65
  • SKU 20-025

NC forge Whisper Momma for forging horseshoes or any steel. NC Tool forges allowfor economical forgeing and easy replacement parts for the active forger. Theforge comes with exclusive high efficiency burners, and a push button ignition. Uniform heat-reaches 2350 degrees for quick heat up for the forger.NC Tool forges have quick recovery...heats and reheats metal very quickly-for this reason, no forge blower is required. Propane is the forger's fuelof choice... NC forges come fitted for propane, but may be configured for gasTransportable...light weight and quick cooling, these are the perfectportable forges. NC Tools forge comes with an 8' hose, gauge, and regulatorand are ready for forging. Insulated door keeps the wind away from the firebox with reaches welding temperature in about 3 minutes. The forge will heat stacksof metal for repetiition forging.
The Whisper Momma has a rear bar stock doorwith a 3" x 1 1/2" opening. A two burner farrier forge, the inside dimensions:3" x 12" x 6". Weight: 45 lbs.