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GE Easy 14" Race Nipper Quality Nipper Farrier Nippers

  • Price $219.20 EACH
  • Reg Price $230.16
  • SKU 10-173

These Easy 14" Race Nippers combine the comfort and balance of the GE Curved JawClincher handle with the leverage of the regular GE Forge 14" hoof Nippers.GE Forge and Tool makes the Best Farrier Nippers. Hoof Nippers by GE Forge areconsidered the benchmark in farrier tools, specifically horse nippers. These14" easy Race nippers start from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel and areprecision machined to obtain the correct bevel of the cutting edge. The GENipper is our best line of hoof nippers at Anvil Brand, after our brand ofquality farrier nippers. Highest quality Horse Nippers - by GE Forge.