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Rasp Handles

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Rasp Handles

With how much you use your hoof rasp, it’s important to have a good rasp handle to give you a comfortable yet secure grip on your tool. At, we offer a great selection of hoof rasp handles to make using this essential farrier’s tool even easier. Made from wood, plastic, or aluminum, these rasp handles come in a variety of colors and types to fit your needs and your preferences.

Want a sturdier grip? Our rubber coated rasp handles are the perfect fit. Need something super tough? Aluminum rasp handles are a must-have. Love a classic look? Our wooden rasp handles are a staple. No matter which type you go with, we know that you’ll love the fit, feel, and durability of our rasp handle selection. Shop and save on hoof rasp handles from our own Anvil Brand, as well as Soundmount, Save Edge, Equithotics, Bellota, and more.

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