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Cooper Nails

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Cooper Nails

Made by the famous Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, the makers of Capewell horseshoe nails, these Cooper horseshoe nails are the strongest in the business. Like the original Cooper Nails, these slim bladed horseshoe nails come in the bright yellow box you associate with quality. Cooper nails are popular farrier supplies because they allow for an easier clinch and cause less hoof displacement.

If you’re looking for horseshoe nails that drive easily, these Cooper Nails are designed for ease of use and durability. These Cooper horseshoe nails are available in regular sizes 10 and 12, along with 5 lite heads for thin walled horses, a smaller keg, or handmade horseshoes. You can stock up on Cooper horseshoe nails with 100, 250, or 500 count packages. Clean, sharp leading edges along the slim body of the nails ensure that they will not displace the hoof. Own the legacy of Cooper and Capewell horseshoe nails for your horses. Get your farrier supplies from today.

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