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Duratrac Nails

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Duratrac Nails

Vector V-Trak horseshoe nails are similar to the previous Duratrac series from Capewell horseshoe nails. For the best traction on asphalt, pavement, and other hard surfaces, borium horseshoe nails are an ideal solution. Borium also provides excellent traction on slick surfaces that are covered with rainwater, snow, or ice. Borium also increases the wear life of the shoe, helping to reduce the stress of frequent horseshoe changes.

Available in 100 count packages, these 5 City Borium head horseshoe nails are a great addition to any farrier supplies kit. With their anti-slip capabilities, these nails make navigating paved areas simple for your horses. These traction nails continue in the Capewell horseshoe nails tradition of Duratrac and other predecessors that have been discontinued. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to stop your horses from slipping, order these Vector V-Trak horseshoe nails. Get the best farrier supplies and Vector horseshoe nails at today.

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