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Vettec Sole Guard 210cc #47160

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Vettec, Equithane, Sole Guard 210cc Black. Fast and effective protection for the un-shod foot. Equithane Sole Guard sets up in about 30 seconds, yet flows into the smallest areas. This hoof protection is durable. It requires the use of a Vettec XL dispensing gun because it is a two part epoxy acrylic. It is flexible and supportive yet sets up firm. It does not seem to tear the frog upon removal. For use a a pad or packing material. Apply directly to the sole and frog, it is fast and convenient, and bonds to the foot for about 2 WEEKS!. Can be used as a thin protective layer on the shod horse hoof, and support for heavy, late term brood mares. Sometimes used as temporary protection when transitioning from horseshoes to barefoot seasonally. #47160.