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About Us

About Anvil Brand Shoe Co.

We're all about quality and service!

Anvil Brand Shoe Co. Products Anvil Brand Shoe Company was founded in 1978 in Lexington, Illinois. We make quality horseshoes and farrier tools that meet the special needs of customers like the Budweiser Clydesdales and others at the Illinois State Fair. We are very particular about our work, and we manufacture these specialty horseshoes ourselves.

Today, Anvil Brand products are still made and inspected by active farriers who understand the needs of our customers. That's why farriers, horse owners and dealers throughout the United States look to Anvil Brand for answers to their questions, and solutions to their unique horseshoe, farrier tool and hoof care problems.

Vast inventory for quick response

We stock more than 22,000 products, one of the largest inventories in the industry, which allows us to respond to your order immediately! Our huge warehouse facility holds more than 40 different lines of products from 20+ manufacturers, including Mustad, Capewell and St. Croix, in addition to Anvil Brand and JC Tool inventories.

Retailers with multiple locations like using us as their distribution center to eliminate the need to "floor plan" inventory. They simply place an order for any of their locations and we deliver it there.

Although most of our inventory comes from U.S. Companies, we also import many horseshoeing products for distribution, and are the sole U.S. distributor for several English and European companies. Our large capacity warehouse and network of retail stores and dealers allows us to maintain large inventories for these companies.

90% of our orders are shipped the same day

It takes a huge, complete inventory and a well-coordinated shipping department to provide Anvil Brand customers with same-day service, but we realize how important that is to our success.

You may order by telephone using our catalog, using our App (available on Android and iOS), or here on our website. Multiple insured carrier pick ups and deliveries are made each day to help us get product to you faster than anyone else.

Everything we ship can be packaged and labeled to your specifications including UPC bar-coding or any other labeling system you want to use. And you can track your shipment online.


Contact us with your questions regarding our horseshoes, hoof care products, or service!