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I use nothing but Anvil Brand slide plates in my farrier business which is solely made up of high profile trainers and their horses. There is a lot on the line when these guys leave for a major reining and they put their trust in me to have things as perfect as they can be. Anvil Brand helps make it happen.
Al Kuenzli

About Anvil Brand

Each and every equine product we carry is thoroughly inspected by active farriers, and we agree — "No hoof, no horse" — and we are sure to manufacture and sell only the highest quality horseshoeing supplies and hoofcare products available. We understand the needs of our equine customers. Regardless of whether you need farrier tools, anvils, blacksmith supplies, horseshoeing supplies or hoof care, hoof dressing and horse products, we stand confidently behind every equine product we sell...and we offer the most competitive prices around!

Anvil Brand has been manufacturing horseshoes, farrier tools and hoof care products since 1978. We have horseshoes and hoofcare products on big-name horses, like the Budweiser Clydesdales, Sea World and Disney horses, and famous hitches belonging to Express Personnel, Ames Construction and the Heinz hitch. Our reputation for quality products and superior service is unsurpassed. We simply are the World's Best Hoofcare Store™.

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  • The International Hoof-Care Summit is returning to Cincinnati, OH on January 23rd through the 26th for four days of focused learning that will change your practice forever. More Info

  • Join us for our annual clinic in Lexington, Illinois the weekend of February 9th, 2024 featuring clinician Daniel Jones. More Info