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JHM Certifier 100 Lb. Anvil

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  • SKU 24-002

This JHM anvil is one of our most popular farrier anvils. Often used as a blacksmith anvil - the JHM is the highest quality line of anvils made in the USA. Mae of ductile iron, machined, and heat treated, in the USA. This 100 lb. anvil is the highest quality anvil you can buy, with 100% guarantee! Shipped around the world because of its quality, JHM Anvils last a lifetime! JHM Anvils are in famous farrier schools in the USA! This anvil has a 3" tapered heel and turning cams for bending steel.Size: O/A = 26.75"; Height = 9.5"; Face = 4" x 16.5"; Base = 11 x 9";Horn = 10.25"; Hardie Hole = 1.0"; Pritchel Hole = .500"