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JHM Competitor Anvil 260 Lbs. Highest Quality Made in USA

  • Price $1,377.85 EACH
  • Reg Price $1,446.74
  • SKU 24-003

JHM Anvils are the best. The 250-260 lb anvil for sale by JHM is a large, shop anvil. It is used as both a farrier anvil and blacksmith anvil. For many, it is used as a competition anvil because of its size. Made of ductile iron, machined, and heat treated, in the USA. This is the highest quality anvil you can buy, with 100% guarantee! Shipped around the world because of its quality, JHM Anvils last a lifetime! JHM Anvils are in famous farrier schools in the USA! Size: Height = 13.5"; Face = 20" x 5 1/8"; Horn = 11"; O/A 31.25" Base = 12.25" x 11.25"; Hardie Hole = 1 3/16"; Pritchel Hole = .75"