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Kevin Bacon's Liq Dressing 1L 1 Litre

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Kevin Bacon's Liquid Hoof Dressing is a top qualityhoof care product from Belgium craftsmen. The liquiddressing, is easy to apply in cold weather and comes in a metalcontainer with applicator attached to the lid for simplicity.KEVIN BACON'S HOOF DRESSING is a laurel balm for the careand protection of horses hooves. The most popular hoof dressingworldwide. Kevin Bacon's is 100% Natural Product made fromanimal fat and fresh laural leaves. This dressing does not merelygive the horn a pretty shine, it penetrates the horn to nourishthe horn deep down. This product keeps the horses hoof suppleand elastic. It keeps the hoof wall from drying, while protectingfrom excess moisture, and activates hoof growth. Imported byAnvil Brand from Belgium. Hoof care products at Anvil Brand.