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Glue-U Shubond Acrylic 150cc Black

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  • SKU 70-523

Shubond acrylic glue is the most versatile glue used in the
horse industry. It can be used to glue-on every kind
of shoe or do repairs from the smallest crack to the
most extreme hoof wall problems. Thanks to its great
features it’s mixable by hand or easy to use with Glue-U
mixing tips for the perfect mixture. Shubond can even be
moved from one place to another while setting. For
example moving excess material to a spot where extra
glue is needed.
Available in black and beige
150cc cartridges usable in
standard caulking guns
Mixable by hand or with
mixing tips
Very high adhesion
Easy to rasp
Hard but flexible material
Setting time can be speed
up when heated to body