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Anvil Brand carries adhesives for repairs to horse feet, to glue on horseshoes, and more!

We carry different brands of adhesives, including Equilox, Gran Circuit, Anvil brand, Barge, Vettec, and Hoof-Tite. Find many varieties of adhesive products, like hoof wall repair, acrylic, instant pad material, and liquid silicone, which will assist in achieving the repair to your horse's foot.

Our adhesive materials come in sizes from a single use, to larger tubes that will go into a gun. Get your adhesives products from Anvil Brand.

Adhesives Categories

  1. Acrylic - Equilox
  2. Acrylic - GC Fast Set
  3. Acrylic - GC Slow Set
  4. Anvil Brand
  5. Barge Cement
  6. ComfortMix
  7. Equi-thane - Vettec
  8. EquiMix
  9. Farrier's Choice
  10. Foot Pro
  11. Glue-U
  12. Grand Circuit Products
  13. Vettec