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Hoof Knives

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Hoof Knives

Anvil Brand offers a great selection of hoof knives, knife files, and knife sharpeners for keeping your hoof care tools at the highest level of performance. Hoof trimming is key for good hoof health, and hoof knives are one of the most essential tools to use for this upkeep. Every horse owner should have a good hoof knife for trimming away loose and dried out sole or ragged frogs between visits to the farrier.

Our hoof knives come in a wide and varied selection, so you know you can find the one that’s both useful and comfortable. We carry top farrier hoof knife brands like Mustad, Ringel, and Soundmount – all of which offer strong and sturdy blades, superior wooden handles, and ergonomic designs for your grip.

In addition to our farrier hoof knife selection, we also carry farrier tools that are meant for keeping your knives sharp so that you can make clean cuts each and every time. Sharpening kits and knife files will keep your hoof knives perfect from handle to hook. A keen and sharp edge can go a long way in hoof care. Make sure you have one with a little help from

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Hoof Knives

  1. 180 Frost Wide Right

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  2. AB RH Narrow/Wood Handle Hoof Knife

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