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Hoof Repair

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Hoof Repair

Protecting the hooves of your horses from wear, disease, and other harmful conditions is a full-time task. Our selection of hoof repair and thrush medicines includes acetone, antiseptic ointment, hoof putty, and more. We also have hoof clips and staples, cooling gel for inflammation, and liniment for sore muscles. Treat laminitis with hoof hardener coating from Keratex and Crossapol. With our disinfectant products you can disinfect your horses’ frogs, nail holes, and hooves for maximum health benefits, and seal and stabilize their hooves with hoof putty.

Our range of Absorbine, Kevin Bacons, and Keratex hoof care products includes hoof hardener, hoof gel, mud shield, disinfectant, and hoof wash. We carry a wide variety of thrush medicines from brands like CleanTrax, GC White Lightning, J. Rickens, Reiners Edge, and Mustad’s Thrush Buster treatment. Prevent thrush, laminitis, white line, and other painful infections in your horses’ hooves with hoof care products from

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