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Anvil Brand offers good quality hoof rasps to ensure you get great results safely! We put safety first and offer only the best farrier rasps to provide exceptional hoof care and the sharpest of leveling. Every farrier knows that a hoof rasp can be on the most challenging, and one of the most productive, tools in his tool kit. Able to smooth, level, and round, hoof rasps can actually be a farrier’s best tool – but use with care. With safe and experienced use, these rasps can create a beautifully shaped hoof.

Our farrier rasps offer quality and performance for when you level the bottom of the hoof wall, remove burrs, or smooth the edge of your horse’s hooves. Choose from a variety of types, all of which are made to be sharp and high performance for a long service life of finishing and filing. You’ll also find ergonomic rasp handles, designs that cut down on clogging, and rasp end covers to protect the sharpness of your instrument.

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