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Anvil Brand carries a large variety of horseshoe pads, including Anvil Brand, Castle, Hamilton, Ironcraft, Leather, and Myron Mclane. The leather or plastic pads help reduce pressure on different areas of the foot. Anvil Brand carries pads in sizes from #3 to #7.

Pads Categories

  1. Anvil Brand Pads
  2. Bud Willimon Pads
  3. Castle Pads
  4. Farrier Pride Pads
  5. Grand Circuit Pads
  6. Hospital Pads
  7. Ironcraft
  8. Leather Pads
  9. Lily Pads
  10. Myron McLane Pads
  11. Pad Accessories
  12. Snow Pads
  13. Thoro'Bred Pads


  1. #6 Full Leather Wedge XX Heavy

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