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Anvil Brand offers the essential hoof care products, including adhesives! Equi-Thane and Adhere items from Vettec are ideal for all types of hoof repair and horseshoe care. Dispenser guns and mixing tips are professional adhesive tools that keep your horses at their best. Other Vettec adhesives apply easily and set fast, creating a bond that allows natural hoof movement and doesn't keep your horse sidelined for more than a few minutes.

If you’re new to the farrier world, you can get an Equi-Thane utility bag for keeping all of those adhesives in a safe, portable place – or learn how to properly perform hoof care with a free Equi-Thane instructional DVD. Using strong epoxy and liquid silicone helps to repair hooves and shoes. Seal, pack, and strengthen your horses’ hooves with hoof care products from Vettec today. Get your farrier tools from

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