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Hand Tools & Accessories

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Hand Tools & Accessories

Maintaining the safety, health, and happiness of your horses is always on the mind of a dedicated farrier. Our farrier tools and accessories provide you with the specialized equipment you need to care for your equine companions. Anvil Brand offer essential hand tools, accessories, and other farrier supplies that no stable should be without, including brushes, pull-offs, and our Anvil Brand Hoof Mate. We also carry all of the horseshoeing supplies you need to create and care for the shoes and feet of your horses.

Our wide selection of farrier tools includes everything you need to take care of your horses. From hoof gauges to pad cutters, we have the farrier supplies and accessories to keep your stables happy and healthy. Browse our selection of horseshoeing supplies including spreaders, crease nail pullers, and hoof nippers. We also have hammers, tongs, and dividers for making the perfect horseshoes and getting them to fit properly. Find the farrier tools and accessories you need at today.

Hand Tools & Accessories Categories

  1. Bob Punches
  2. Brushes
  3. Clinch Blocks
  4. Clinch Cutters and Gouges
  5. Clinch Gouge
  6. Clinchers
  7. Clip Starters
  8. Crease Nail Pullers
  9. Creasers
  10. Dividers
  11. Drill Bits and Tapping Tools
  12. Forepunches
  13. Hammers
  14. Hoof Gauges
  15. Hoof Nippers
  16. Hoof Picks & Abscess Probes
  17. Hoof Testers
  18. Magnets
  19. Misc. Hand Tools
  20. Nail Nippers
  21. Pad Cutters
  22. Pritchels
  23. Pull Offs
  24. Rulers/Tapes
  25. Spreaders
  26. Tongs